Viswanathan is a renowned corporate trainer who has conducted over five thousand hours of training to finance and consulting professionals in India and abroad on various topics including financial modeling, MS Excel, Power BI, analytics, and his proprietory module “Analyis by Objective”


With his vast experience and knowledge panning across different industries and areas, Viswanathan is also highly equipped to provide consulting to start-ups, SMEs, as well as established players. His services include, structuring deals for start-ups, process implementation/automation and building financial models

Focus on productivity

Viswanathan’s training is also about improving productivity. His examples, case studies are all customized and curated so that participants can related them directly to their work and implement it right away.

Personal attention

His core philosophy to training is to ensure participants find an improved way of doing what they do. To that extent ensures that every participant gets as much personal attention as possible so that they could see improvement in their own work.

Next Steps…

If you want a training program for your organisation, you can reach Viswanathan at